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The Economist

It’s a sure sign that you’re growing up when you get written about by publications such as The Economist, so we felt wise beyond our 4-and-a-bit years when we featured in one of their special reports last week. Here’s what they said about us:

‘Peer-to-peer lending platforms: These websites, through which savers pool money and lend to borrowers, have also been boosted by the crisis. Derisory interest rates are encouraging savers to seek better returns elsewhere. Zopa, a British website that pioneered the concept, says the number of lenders joining it has soared. For borrowers spurned by their banks, low-cost and unleveraged social lenders are an attractive alternative. Zopa’s boss, Giles Andrews, says new entrants like his should gain from how the crisis has undermined customers’ faith in banks’ solidity and intensified their doubts about whether the banks have customers’ best interests at heart.’

You can see the whole article here.