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Zopa and Good Energy

Hot on the heels of Prime, Zopa have a brand new flavour of Listings which will be going live shortly.

We’ve teamed up with Good Energy, the UK ‘s only dedicated 100% renewable electricity supplier. They’ll be sending their members who are looking to generate their own renewable energy, for example using solar panels or wind turbines, to Zopa Listings for financial assistance with the initial installation.

Not only will they be joining the pioneering community of independent green energy generators, but they’ll also be able to earn an income as Good Energy pays microgenerators on its HomeGen and HotROCs schemes for all the energy they produce – even the units they use themselves.

And they’ve got a special bonus for Zopa members at the mo’ – if you sign up to Good Energy via Zopa you will receive a free owl monitor, worth £34.95, to show you exactly how much energy you’re using. Click here to find out more.