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A mention in the FT Alphaville Blog

We’re pleased as punch for a couple of reasons. Firstly, our lenders have hit a huge benchmark because they’ve now lent a total of £50m to Zopa borrowers since Zopa first launched! And secondly, that hefty figure has scored us a mention in yesterday’s FT Alphaville Blog. The blog is mostly read by financial market pros, and apparently is named ‘Alphaville’ in reference to "the City term "Alpha" meaning ‘absolute returns’, indicating an extra return on investment, above and beyond the industry benchmark". This is what they had to say:

TA: I have an exclusive to share with readers. PM: An exclusive? Oooh. … TA: has, this morning , crossed the milestone of £50m of loans between its members. TA: This is banking for the future. PM: I can’t find the ticker TA: It’s not listed TA: It’s a social finance service TA: Social lending – site where people can lend and borrow money from each other. TA: It sidesteps the banks. TA: And this morning it has just crossed the £50m mark TA: Cause for celebration, no? … TA: It’s cool

Thanks to those who’ve played a part in us all getting to this milestone.