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Zopa v Banks: the debate is on!

Little did I realise that when I posted my first entry on the Zopa blog (“Why the Banks need Zopa", August 7th) , I was firing the starting gun on the great Zopa v Banks debate…

And it is already very interesting, entertaining and more than a little heated!

In the red corner we have James Gardner, head of strategy and research for a “major UK bank” who writes the BankerVision Blog. And in the blue corner we have Chris Skinner, a financial services guru and adviser of many years’ standing who writes the Financial Services Club Blog.

Throwing in their own two-penny-worth are a number of other folks from inside and outside the industry. Oh and me again. Even the Financial Times have picked up on this and have posted on their own blog about it, asking for real customers who have had the Zopa experience to post news of what kind of deal they got.

Why not join the great debate, and share your insight if you are a Zopa member?