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Bigger than Bristol!

It’s not long ago that we were ordering mugs and badges proclaiming that we were bigger than Basildon when Zopa had 100,000 members. Last year we reached 300,000 and were officially ‘bigger than Belfast’ – so now we’ve hit the dizzying heights of 400,000, we thought we’d bring you some more entirely pointless statistics to justify a happy half hour in the company of Wikipedia.

Zopa is now officially bigger than Bristol, as well as Brunei, The Bahamas, Iceland, Belize, the Maldives and Barbados. We’ve also got more members than Tesco have employees, and while we’re not quite there yet, we’re waiting with baited breath for our 500,000th member, which will make us officially ‘Larger than Luxembourg’. Now that may warrant some more mugs…