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Make your own Zopa Facebook campagin.

A short while ago we had a request from one of our members, asking if we could produce an image that meets Facebook’s guidelines since all our existing images on our Tell A Friend section where too wide. This afternoon we did just that!

If you’re a current member you can access these images from within your ‘Tell A Friend’ page (bottom of the left-hand menu when you’ve logged in), on section 3 of ‘ways to do it’. There are currently two images, one for targeting borrowers and one for lenders and they each, of course, include your personalised link to refer new members to us. Everyone who clicks your link and and then lends at least £2000 or borrows any amount at Zopa earns you £50!

If creating an Facebook campaign is something that you’ve thought about, but never been sure how to go about it, here’s my simple guide to setting one up:

Make your own Zopa Facebook campaign

  1. To start, head on over to Facebook Advertising.
  2. Once you’re there, click on ‘Create an Advert’ as shown below.

Zopa Facebook Campaign Step 1

  1. Next, design your advert. Zopa Facebook Campaign Step 2
  • Destination URL: This would be your personalised member link, which you can find on the ‘Tell A Friend’ Page. The URL would look something like this:
  • Title: Enter the title you want to display on the advert.
  • Body Text: Enter the main text that you would like to display with the advert. Try to keep it within 135 characters.
  • Image: You will need to save the images to your local computer, and then upload them to Facebook by clicking the Browse button.
  1. To save the images, pick which one of the below you would like, a borrowing or lending image, then Right Click, and Save As.

110x80_l.gif 110x80_b.gif

  1. Once you have done that, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Next, targeting.

Zopa Facebook Campaign Step 3

  1. This is where you set up who you would like the advert to be targeted to. On the right hand side is a handy box that tells you how many Facebook users it estimates that the advert would reach.
  • Location: Enter what country you would like the advert to be displayed in, you can also narrow it down to a city.
  • Demographics: Select what age group, gender and other criteria you would like the advert to be displayed to.
  • Likes & Interests: You can also narrow down to users who have interests in certain things!
  • Education & Work: Select if you would like to target ‘All’ or narrow it down to a specific education or work place.

Next, Campaigns and pricing

Zopa Facebook Campaign Step 4

  1. Here you can set a limit to your spend per day on your Campaign (minimum of £1.00), set up specific dates to run the campaign, and pick if you want to pay for impressions (CPM) (an impression is when a web page is displayed to any user and the ‘M’ means you pay per 1000 impressions) or pay for clicks (CPC)
  • CPM vs. CPC: If you choose pay for impressions (CPM), you will pay a share of your budget every time your advert is shown. If you choose pay for clicks (CPC), you will pay a share of your budget every time your advert is clicked.

I would recommend choosing CPC as your goal is for users to take action and click through to your Zopa webpage.

Review Advert

Zopa Facebook Campaign Step 5

  1. Make sure you check the accuracy of your advert here, as it and payment for it will go live in the big world of Facebook straight away.
  2. Once you’re happy, click Place Order, if not click Edit Advert.
  3. Next a pop up will appear asking you to add a funding source. Pick either Credit/Debt card or Paypal. Fill in the relevant payment details and submit them. Once you have completed that it will give you a successful message to confirm the transaction.

Your Facebook Campaign is now complete. Dead simple!

And remember, everyone who visits your Zopa webpage and then lends at least £2000 or borrows at Zopa earns £50 for you.