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Reloaded: Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2011

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll have seen our entry from June 2010 on winning not just one, but two Moneywise Customer Service Awards. That was all thanks to our lovely borrowers who took some time to fill out the Moneywise survey and told the world how much they liked their experience with us as their Personal Loan provider.

This year, Moneywise are once again looking for the nation’s most trusted finance providers in a range of product categories, giving you a chance to (I quote) “reward the companies you love, shame the ones you don’t.”  The product categories you can vote on include mortgages, credit cards, home insurance, savings accounts and personal loans.

This last category is probably the first where Zopa springs to mind, and if you’ve taken out a loan with us, we’d feel honoured if you chose to mention us in the survey.

Additionally, if you are not a borrower, but a lender who’s invested savings using Zopa and enjoyed the service we offer, we’d be delighted if you shared your thoughts on your Zopa lending account as a sort of savings account.

It only takes 10 minutes to complete the survey (according to Moneywise, longer if you get carried away…) and to offer an incentive aside from getting your voice heard, Moneywise is giving away 1 x £1,000 in cash and 5 x £50 in retail vouchers among all participants – so best of luck to those of you who vote!

For reference, here’s the link in its full splendour: