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Zopa’s first foray in TV advertising

Last month we were really rather chuffed to get our first ever TV commercial up and running on your tellyboxes and it’s been spreading the word about Zopa very nicely. However, several of you asked us why we hadn’t produced an advert that spent more time explaining why Zopa is different and indeed we wanted to do just that, running both commercials simultaneously to see which one worked best. You can see that second version of the commercial here, but sadly the TV regulator has not allowed us to run it in the big world of telly as it doesn’t clear all their hurdles. Booooo!

When we filmed the ad, we simply asked a few of our borrowers to describe Zopa, explain why it’s different and why they like it in their own words. The regulator has a tricky job making sure that a particular turn of phrase in an advert can’t be interpreted as denigratory and that all claims are substantiated and even though we picked the snippets that were most factual, we were still not able to get the thumbs up. For example, they didn’t like "loan company like no other" as they felt there are now other P2P lenders and wouldn’t accept our argument that they have different lending models. They also thought that some denigration of the banks accumulated through the ad to the point where it became overly critical, even if only by implication, so for now we’re running with our trusty first cut and are watching the impact it’s having very closely to see if we can prove that a second bite at the cherry will be worthwhile. Stay tuned…