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Beth’s Blog – Part 1

Blog post 01/06/2012

A new addition to our Zopa blog this month, member services exec Beth will be giving you an insider’s look into our company, bringing you news, updates and stories from the Zopa offices every week. Towards the end of May we made a big change to Zopa by introducing 2 and 4 year loans. The aim of this was so borrowers can choose the right loan for their budget, and Lenders can get their money paid back over shorter terms.

Our reliably vocal lenders have been on the forums, phones and email to let us know what they think, be it positive or…not so positive. Your feedback is extremely important to us when the site undergoes adjustments so thank you and keep it coming!

Speaking of feedback, we’ve started getting a bit more social with our Facebook Fridays, where you can log in and ask me about anything from the state of your account to how long to cook a 2lb chicken for. If you’ve got something Zopa based (or silly) on your mind pop over to the Zopa Facebook page on Fridays at 4 and have a chat.

On an exciting and slightly glamorous note, did you see us on the BBC this weekend jus gone? One of our lovely Lenders and one of our lovely Borrowers went on BBC Breakfast and BBC 24 telling the nation about their experiences at Zopa. Pop over to our Facebook page or follow us @Zopa to see the clips.

With this and the Jubilee weekend just passed we’ve had a record breaking number of applications this month. Whereas this is fantastic news it has meant that our review process is taking a little longer. Our underwriters are working their socks off to make sure you get a decision on your loan as quickly as possible, so a big thank you to those that have applied for your patience.

Here in the Zopa offices the build up to the Olympics seems to have brought out the best in the team, with almost half of them participating in a 5k run for Cancer Research UK. Our stealthy bunch of volunteers, who include underwriters, developers, directors and showing us up, all of our collections team, will be legging it along the Thames on the 11th of July. If you fancied sponsoring our boys and girls head over to the Zopa JustGiving page here:

We’ll be posting updates on their progress and of course the run itself along the way.

This is me signing off for my first week as Zopa’s inside blogger. If you have any queries, comments or want to share your member story with us, send your emails over to and myself or one of my friendly colleagues will get back to you. Have a fantastic weekend!