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Beth’s Blog – Part 3

Another bustling few weeks down at the Zopa offices!

In the news, we got a lovely spot in The Herald thanks to our borrower in Glasgow Andrew Foreman, who used his loan to purchase a used car to get him around the “wilds of Scotland.” Andy sent us this cutting of the article which features him and his son with their Zopa loan car, again a big thank you for doing this!

We can’t get enough of hearing what you use your Zopa loans for so send your stories over to me at

The past fortnight has seen another scandal of epic proportions from Barclays this time, as chief executive Bob Diamond steps down in light of the government investigation into the bank trying to manipulate inter-bank lending rates. With all this banking bother we asked our Facebook friends what they would do to make the industry better and the comments were predictably great.

“I fix hydraulics,” said Rob Lee.” If I was the CEO for a day what would I do… I would make the media aware and document where hard earned money comes from and how it should be invested in a morally right way.”

Ollie Clarke held a similar anti fat cat stance: “I’d force all bankers to invest their own salaries in any deals in order to earn bonuses. If the deal goes well, they get a bonus. If it goes badly, they lose money, potentially their whole salary. Then see how much gambling they do…”

And Ashley Smith helpfully pointed out; “Zopa can’t moan about fixing interest rates, that’s what every lender at Zopa does!”

If you’ve got something to say about how you’d make banking better, pop over to and leave a comment

Our Zopa volunteers are just days away from braving a 5k run around the lovely Battersea Park for Cancer Research UK. We’ll be covering the run live on our Facebook and Twitter pages, head to our Zopa justgiving page for more information

Finally, following our cracking member story from member Dannyspud who is using his Zopa returns to help pay off his student loan, we want to hear from lender who are using their savings made through Zopa for education purposes. With exam results looming, university fees soaring and those student loans not getting any smaller we want to hear from those that are following a similar route to Dannyspud or are saving for when it’s time to send off your kids or grandchildren into the world of higher education. If you’ve got a few minutes email your story to