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What happened in June?

We don’t sit still here at Zopa for too long, so here is quick update of what happened during June.

Breaking records

The big news to share from June is that since we launched Safeguard we’ve had a record day in terms of money lent with £838,630 being lent in a single day. This could not have happened without our savers and borrowers using Zopa, so thanks to all our members for helping to raise the bar a little bit higher.

We are now looking forward to our first million pound day. Surely not long now.

Having the lowest loan rate at 4.9% Representative APR for borrowers has also had a positive impact, as more sensible borrowers are getting a better deal through P2P lending. This has helped lead to a record month at Zopa as we finished June lending over £13m to UK borrowers.

Winning awards

At the heart of what we do is ensure we only lend your money to the most responsible people in the UK. We have over the last eight years worked hard on building up trust from our savers and borrowers and are very proud to be named Most Trusted Loans Provider 2013 at the Moneywise Customer Service Awards for the fourth year in a row. Our customers have voted for us to win this award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and now 2013. We were not too sure if we would win this year as there was some very stiff competition from other P2P lenders, high street banks and Supermarket lenders. Our underwriting team were fortunately on hand to attend the event and pick up the award as well as celebrate the achievement.

Party anyone?

Another exciting event which took place in June was the Zopa summer customer party to celebrate Zopa turning 8 years old. Each year we invite our customers along to meet the team and this year we hired Patch Bar in the City of London to have few drinks and nibbles. It was great to meet and speak to everyone in person about why they lend or borrow through Zopa. We were even lucky enough to talk to one of our rare customers that is both a saver and a borrower.

Halfway through the night, we opened up the floor to some questions from the audience as our CEO and Co-founder Giles gave a quick speech to provide an overview of the past 12 months and an update on where Zopa is heading in the future. We had a range of smart questions from our members around Safeguard, upcoming P2P regulation and the future of Zopa.

Roughly 300 people attended the party and getting feedback from our customers in person is so valuable. We look forward to seeing more people next year and will likely have to book a bigger venue to ensure more people can come along.

A full image gallery of the night can be found on our Facebook page and we will be publishing a video from the night in the coming weeks as well.

Here’s looking forward to July and hearing from you about your lending and borrowing experiences. Please drop us an email to if you would like to be part of our member’s story page.