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We think you’re due a mobile upgrade

Our phones and tablets are becoming more and more vital to our daily lives. As more and more of you are logging on to Zopa via your smartphones and tablets, we want to offer you the best experience possible so that we help get the information you are looking for without any faff, pinching or zooming.

The technically minded among you might like to know that here at Zopa our design team Tim and Anika have implemented a device-independent design philosophy called Responsive Web Design. The basic premise is that the website is tailored to the size & type of device that it’s being displayed on.

If that’s a bit too much jargon it means that when you visit Zopa on your tablet, it’s more finger-friendly and easily legible. And when you use your smartphone, it’s tailored into a single column with larger more legible text. We hope you like the faster, simpler and easier way to view Zopa.

Of course there will be times when viewing your account on your laptop makes more sense, if you like to get in amongst the numbers, but as we see a growing trend in people viewing Zopa on many different devices, we want to ensure that you can get the information you need in a smart way on whatever device you use, wherever you are. We aren’t finished yet and will be rolling out further improvements, particularly to the dashboard and account section for our existing members over the rest of the year. We do have to let Tim and Anika go home occasionally so please bear with us while we finish everything off!

We hope you like the look and feel and if you have any comments or feedback please do let us know by sending us an email at