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Introducing our £20k loans

Our borrowing limit has now increased to £20,000 for loans towards the bigger things in life.

At Zopa, our mission is to reward people who are sensible with money. We believe that borrowers with good credit ratings deserve great rates on loans. By increasing our borrowing limit to £20k we can now help people pay for the bigger projects and purchases that sometimes cost a bit more money, like a home extension, loft conversion, caravan or new family car.

We recognise that the cost of living is not getting any cheaper and a great low rate with a fixed monthly repayment helps make life that extra bit simpler. Our trusted and expert underwriting team carefully check all applications to ensure our borrowers can afford to pay back their loan and avoid any difficulties in the future.

As always with Zopa, borrowers benefit from a soft search quote and no early repayment fees, meaning you can pay off your loan early at no extra cost and benefit from a free quote that doesn’t mark your credit file.

If you are considering taking out a loan up to £20k, you can use our loan calculator tool to get an estimated quote and use our soft search tool to get a quote which will be based on your credit rating.