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Faster and fairer lending

We are always working to make lending the best experience possible here at Zopa. Since introducing Safeguard and evolving the way savers lend at Zopa, our goal has been to make lending more efficient, simpler, safer and fairer for all savers, while delivering great returns. We have made some tweaks under the hood to help make lending more efficient, creating a fairer system for all.

Edited 14.11.2013 18:00

For the more technical minded… This moves lending at Zopa away from a simple queue based system and now takes into account additional factors to determine how savers’ money is matched to borrowers.

What has been released today is a change to what we call “Cash Ratio” – This reviews savers’ loan books and prioritises those who have a large proportion of their money still on offer, so that in time everyone will have a similar cash ratio of money lent and on offer.

The next change which will be released next week will look at the “Rate Score” – This reviews the recent average lending rates to help to determine the next loans a saver is matched to in line with the projected returns. This will be particularly beneficial for savers who have a relatively small amount of money on offer, including those who are recycling repayment money.

As mentioned above we believe this will help create a fairer lending system benefiting all savers, allowing money to be matched more efficiently in the future.