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Zopa features on ITV1 Martin Lewis Money Show

We would like to welcome the hundreds of new members to Zopa who have joined us after seeing the Martin Lewis Money Show last Friday on ITV1. If you need any assistance with your lending please get in touch on or Tweet us via @Zopa.

This was the first time Martin, the Money Saving Expert, has covered peer-to-peer lending on television and most of the Zopa team rushed home to grab a prime time seat on the sofa to watch.

For the majority of people in the UK, peer-to-peer lending is relatively unknown and still a new concept. Martin and the team on his Money Show are really good at talking about finance in a straightforward and fun way – explaining how peer-to-peer lenders like Zopa bypass the inefficiencies of banks to provide better rates to savers and borrowers. He brought to life the important differences between peer-to-peer lending and bank savings accounts, as well as explaining how Zopa is one lender that has put extra protections in place – with our Safeguard fund, created to give savers their money back plus interest in the rare case borrowers cannot repay, and by spreading savers’ money in small chunks across many borrowers. (Zopa is the only peer-to-peer lender that offers both of these protection levels.)

We are fans of Martin’s guides for consumers and pleased that he chose to cover peer-to-peer lending on TV and the MoneySavingExpert website. We think Martin’s advice to dip a toe in the water with peer-to-peer lending is a sensible approach. We see many savers start lending with smaller amounts before going on to lend more over time. As the first and largest p2p lender we now have over 46,000 active savers – some lending over £1m and some starting with just £100.

You can watch Martin’s show on ITVPlayer. The peer-to-peer lending feature starts around 16 minutes in.

Also don’t forget about our rewarding “tell a friend” scheme. Both you and your friend that signs up will receive £25 credit if they go on to lend £2000 or more or borrow any amount. Details can be found in your lending dashboard once you have signed in, as all you need to do is to share your member url: example

If you are an existing member or new to Zopa we would love to know what you thought of the show, so drop us a comment below.

Thanks, Zopa