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Zopa secures additional funding to spread financial happiness to the UK’s savers and borrowers

We are proud to announce that Zopa has raised £15 million of new investment into the business from Arrowgrass Capital Partners, (covered in yesterday’s Financial Times and Evening Standard). This exciting news highlights the growing importance of peer-to-peer lending.

£15 million is a lot of money, so what we will use this for? Our ambition is to help people get a better financial deal and to make Zopa the preferred choice for all smart borrowers and savers. This new round of investment will be used to increase awareness of Zopa among a wider audience and improve our services for savers and borrowers.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our savers and borrowers who choose to grow their savings or take a loan with us, and our staff who have helped build Zopa into Europe’s largest P2P lender.