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Zopa’s 0% balance transfer trap stunt

This week saw Zopa hit the streets of London armed with a larger than life credit card trap to highlight the pitfalls that some consumers get into with 0% balance transfer deals, as previously featured with our Backtoblack campaign.

With 49% of 0% balance transfer customers not paying off their balance during the offer period and one in four card holders losing out on the deal altogether, we thought taking this issue to the streets would help raise some eyebrows.

As you can seen from the photos below, we managed to turn some heads and get a few people talking. We nearly had some credit card theft of our own as a group tried to steal the giant card during the stunt. Fortunately Zopa security was on hand to chase away the would be thieves.

The stunt also featured online on the Huffington Post sandwiched between Virgin Atlantic’s new onesie and some Middle Eastern war games.

If you are interested in our recent report looking at the traps facing people who take out a 0% balance deal then you can read the full report (pdf). If you are looking at ways to pay off your credit card debt and get debt free then take a look at our credit card page.