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Alternative Transfer List

Around this time every year, football fans up and down the country urge managers and chairmen to put their hands in their pockets and invest additional transfer funds in new talent to improve their team’s prospects. But not every big-money move goes to plan: for every Thierry Henry or Eric Cantona there is an Andy Carroll, Fernando Torres or Andriy Shevchenko.

We’ve calculated exactly how much these transfer fees would now be worth today had the clubs involved lent rather than spent. After earning an average 5% interest for each of the intervening years, the players available make for far more attractive reading than their less illustrious predecessors.

For example, had Manchester City chosen to invest the £24 million they spent on Joleon Lescott in the summer of 2009, they would now be sitting on over £30 million. This summer, that could instead have brought in Spanish maestro Cesc Fabregas, who instead moved to Chelsea. Similarly, Chelsea splashed out £50 million on Fernando Torres in January 2011, but with interest that fee would now be worth £59.5 million: enough to have bought them Angel Di Maria in this summer’s window.

Here are 11 transfer flops from recent years, along with the players that their transfer fees could have been used for today.

We hope your team has a good season and any new transfers do the business.