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Second Hand Cars – Top 5 Best Buys

With the new vehicle registration number plates out, many people may be considering buying a new car. However, buying a new car can mean paying out a lot of money especially when the car will depreciate as soon you drive it off the dealership’s forecourt.

In saying this, new registrations can also work in your favour as car dealers discount the prices on last year’s models making them a much more affordable alternative. Additionally, models that are a few years older can provide even greater value for money.

Thanks to the advances in car-technologies, this now means that modern cars can run over tens of thousands of miles with relative ease and good reliabilty. This makes purchasing a second hand car a very financially savvy decision. Nonetheless, second-hand cars with a full service history are still highly desirable, as it signifies that the car has been maintained as the manufacturer intended.

Over 40% of all loans we approve are for new or used car purchases. That is roughly one in 700 cars on the road in the UK. Zopa offers flexible repayment options and will not charge you any fees to make additional repayments or settle the loan early. So whether you are looking to buy a new family car, an upgrade on your current model or that sporty number you have always wanted, here are the top 5 best buys from Auto Express based on various budgets.

Top 5 Used Cars

So whatever car you decide is your next model, make sure to visit Zopa’s car finance page to see how a low cost loan could help you with the purchase.