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Updates to My Zopa

Over the coming weeks we’ll be making some changes to the logged in account pages for lenders, called My Zopa.

The first of these changes is to reorganise the information and functionality into four sections, as follows:

1. Dashboard

This will provide a snap-shot overview of your lending activity plus relevant notifications, such as if any borrowers have missed repayments.

2. Statements

Everything that relates to financial reporting and statements. This includes the account summary and downloadable statements, Loan Book, Rate Promise summary and the Weekly Update.

3. Lend money

Everything that relates to getting money into Zopa and getting money lent out. This includes holding account money, information about rates, transferring money in and changing lending options (up to 3 or up to 5 years).

4. Withdraw money

Everything that relates to removing money from Zopa. This includes moving money to your bank account, removing money from the queue, selling your loans to other lenders and changing your re-lending options.

In addition to this we’re changing the way we describe certain functions to make it clearer what each piece of functionality does. As part of this we’re changing Auto Top Up to Re-lending, Rapid Return to Sell Your Loans*, Offer (or Safeguard offer) to Lending Options.

This is just the first step of a series of enhancements that will focus one by one on each of the main sections listed above.

*For now the functionality as described in urls, code and principles will remain Rapid Return, but we will be describing it differently on the website.