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Zopa goes with the Flow

We are very happy to announce that Zopa has signed a commercial agreement to provide finance to Flow customers on its innovative, money saving and low carbon boiler.

Flow has spent 10 years developing and commercialising alternative and efficient energy technology products with one of those being the Flow boiler. This innovative boiler will generate electricity as it heats your home.

The Flow boiler will be launching in January 2015 and will be available to customers through an innovative finance package. This will provide a payback time of five years for the complete cost of the boiler. Customers may purchase the Flow boiler using a separate unsecured personal loan through Zopa, with repayments being off-set by reductions in your home energy bill from the value of the electricity generated.

Giles our CEO and co-founder of Zopa had this to say about the deal:

“We are delighted to be working with Flow on such an innovative and disruptive product offering. This unique commercial deal offers consumers a low-cost loan to fund an innovative money saving boiler from Flow and our lenders get a great return for funding these loans. Flow has an excellent track record in providing value and great customer service, two key things that Zopa values in a business. We look forward to making people’s home work harder for them, just like their money can work harder by lending it through Zopa.”

We will providing more details about the Flow finance package in the coming weeks on our site but in the meantime more details about the boiler and to register can be found on the Flow boiler and finance package website..