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My Zopa Lending

This latest release to My Zopa aims to make it easier to understand how lending works so you can make more informed decisions based on how much money is queued, where your money is, and how quickly the queues are moving.

Here’s a summary of what you will now see and what these updates mean:

Giving lenders greater transparency and making it easier to lend at Zopa

  • In your dashboard you’ll be able to see how much money is lent out and queued to lend. Within the queued to lend section we now show you your different tranches of money and where your position is that queue, how much is in front of you and how much is behind you
  • We also show the amount of money being lent per day and the total amount queued in each option (or market) under ‘Your lending options’
  • This means you can choose which market suits your needs best based on speed and returns
  • Then once you have transferred money into Zopa you will see how this money is progressing through the queue
  • This is a step on the way to providing total transparency about Zopa as we recently announced (PDF)
  • To make it easier for all our lenders we’ve simplified the dashboard to focus on the most important information, with the option to show a more detailed level of your lending and queued positions

This is one of many improvements for the lender experience that we will be making in the coming months, with the next releases early in the New Year.