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Lending update – Rate Promise

The current Rate Promise ended on the 5th January and we will not be introducing a new one at this time. This means the annualised headline rates advertised will be directly based on the loans currently written, which in turn are based on the prices in the wider loans market.

The rates you now see will change gradually over time and may increase or decrease depending on the wider loans market.

Rate Promise was a way to compensate lenders whose returns didn’t meet the advertised rates. We’re happy to say that due to action we have taken, we’re confident we can now deliver the rates advertised and provide you with a more predictable return. Furthermore, we expect to improve the rates on offer over time.

It is important to remember that lending through Zopa provides lenders with a basket of many micro loans, meaning some loans may be lower or higher than the rate advertised. We are now confident that we can deliver you an average return that the rate of the market you decide to lend in.

With improved information within the lending dashboard, customers can now make a more informed decision about which lending option is best for them, based on lending rates, their position in the queue, total funds queued per market and the lending speed of each market.

If you have any questions about what this means to your lending then please call our lender specialist team on 02075806060 or email us via