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Zopa meets Create My Case owner Daniel – Video

At Zopa we don’t just help out everyday consumers with personal loans we also help some of the 3.5 million sole traders in the UK to get a better deal on a business loan.

We understand how important access to finance can be in growing a business as well as the speed in which you get a loan approved and how quickly funds appear in your account.

Business loan reasons are as varied as the businesses that we lend to. These can range from a new car/van, funds to renovate an existing business, new tools/equipment or even a set of new phone case printers like Create My Case bought with their Zopa loan.

Business owner Daniel took a sole trader business loan from Zopa to help grow his business. This allowed him to get some new machinery and to be able to scale up to comfortably meet an order from an important client.

Here is what Daniel had to say about how Zopa has helped him grow his business and what he likes about peer-to-peer loans over traditional bank loans.

If you are a sole trader and looking for a loan to help your business, then be sure to check out our business loans page where you can get a free quote that doesn’t mark you credit file and if approved will get your fund within a week, enabling you to grow your business faster.