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Zopa in the news

There was a lot of interest in Zopa lending its billionth pound.

Giles Andrews, Zopa’s CEO and co-founder, was up early for a series of BBC interviews. The first was on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wake to Money (at 39:35). After that he was straight on to Radio Four’s Today programme (at 23:14), before finishing off with a television interview on BBC Business Live.

In print, the Daily Express ran a front page story looking at the research commissioned by Zopa about the effect the pension freedoms have had on the spending power of the over-55s. The Telegraph also ran an article on Zopa’s push to make P2P loans more pension-friendly.

The news about Zopa breaking the billion pound milestone was also covered in City AM, the Sun and Management Today as well as online on Business Insider and on industry news sites AltFi and Finextra.

There were also some longer Zopa reads in the weekend papers. Giles was profiled in the Financial Times, looking at his career and Zopa’s journey from 2005. In the Sunday Times, a piece entitled ‘Bye, banks. We prefer peer-to-peer lending’ looked at Zopa’s sole trader loans and our borrower Daniel Jenkins, owner of Create My Case.