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From leftovers to Lego – seven surprising things you can share online

While Airbnb and Uber take many of the headlines, the sharing economy goes well beyond taxis and places to stay.

Here are five of the more unusual things you can share online:


The poster-dog of the sharing economy pet world is Borrowmydoggy, which matches people looking to spend time with a dog, with a pooch that has some spare time on its paws.

For owners at work all day, it means their pet can have some company and a lunchtime walk. For dogless dog-lovers, it’s some time with a canine companion.


Pley is a subscription service for Lego sets. You create a wishlist from the thousands they own, and one gets sent to your door. Your children (or you) can play with it, and when you’re you done, send it back and wait to receive a new one.

Sadly, Pley only operates in the US, but a recent funding round means it might appear on UK shores soon. Here’s hoping!


Need a field? Probably not, but if you do there is a website,, dedicated to connecting people in need of some green space with those who have it to spare.

While some people are looking for grazing, many people on the site are looking for fields for marquee or festival-style weddings; it was the first time I ever saw the word ‘wed-stival’.


Over 20% of food in British households goes to waste. This is a terrible statistic, but there is an alternative destination to the bin for your leftovers.

Services like Leftoverswap or Olio allow you to post leftovers or unwanted food online, along with location and price. Your neighbours can browse the list, and if anything takes their fancy they can pop round to collect it.


People in the US can share surfboards online via The Quiver. Profiles detail the make, model, price and location of the boards, so borrowers can select one that’s convenient for them.

It’s perfect for people looking to give surfing a go or who don’t want the hassle of transporting their boards.


If you fancy a go on two wheels, but have neither the inclination to buy nor the space to store a bike, then Spinlister could be for you.

Like The Quiver for surfboards, Spinlister provides the location, model and hire price of a bike, as well as the height range that it would be suitable for.

Parking Spaces

JustPark is a matchmaking servicing for motorists and empty car parking spaces (they can be anywhere – drives, schools, churches).

Motorists get access to guaranteed parking in an area of their choice at a reasonable price (a better end to a journey than combing the vicinity for a space) and the space-owners get a little extra pocket money.