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Using the sharing economy to make money from the Rugby World Cup

Large-scale sporting and cultural events such as the Rugby World Cup, which starts later this week, can provide great opportunities for people to make extra money in the sharing economy.

If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the many stadiums around England and Wales being used in this year’s competition, you could follow the lead of former England captain Lewis Moody and rent out a home or just room on an accommodation-sharing service.

Moody has listed his impressive four-bedroom Wiltshire house – not far from Bath’s Recreation Ground – on Airbnb. And while the former World Cup winner will be donating the proceeds to his Lewis Moody Foundation, a children’s charity, many of the rest of us may be in a position to make a decent amount of extra cash from renting out spare assets.

Share your territory

Accommodation is likely to be the biggest money-spinner, so if you live in the vicinity of Brighton’s Amex Stadium, say, or St James’s Park in Newcastle you may be able to provide space to travelling South Africa or New Zealand fans.

The competition lasts until the end of October, and many of the earlier group games are at smaller regional venues rather than the national stadiums in Cardiff and London, where most of the later knock-out round matches will take place.

Renting out a room is not the only opportunity to generate some bonus revenue. Those whose homes are particularly near to World Cup venues may be able to rent out parking spaces to spectators using sites such as and

Don’t get stuck in the travel scrum

And if you are lucky enough to have match-day tickets and are planning to drive to any games, a ride-sharing service such as or can help you find other fans to split fuel costs with.

Of course, taking advantage of sharing economy platforms such as these doesn’t have to be limited to the Rugby World Cup. If you’re taking your car to a music festival such as Glastonbury or Reading, there’s every chance you’ll be able to find paying passengers. And those lucky enough to live near Wimbledon in south-west London are undoubtedly already aware of how much money can be made by renting out space during the annual tennis championships.

How to convert

But sharing economy services can be a source of regular cash, not just one-off windfalls such as these. Many people are finding they can generate a steady, modest income by sharing lifts on their regular commutes, for example. Equally, if you live near a station, airport or hospital, say, any spare parking capacity you have could well be in demand all year round.

It’s certainly worth having a look at the sites mentioned above to get an idea of what is being offered – and what the going rate could be for your spare room, driveway or passenger seat. You might be surprised to find that what you take for granted can be of considerable value to other people.