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Read all about it – Zopa in the news in 2015

Zopa was featured extensively in the press in 2015, starting with a look at our results in The Telegraph in January.

In February, Zopa’s co-founder and executive chairman, Giles Andrews, was [profiled in The Times]

Ten years of Zopa

Happy Birthday Zopa, wrote Forbes in March this year as Zopa celebrated its tenth birthday. CityAM also covered the story about our formative days in a barn, and The Independent took an industry-wide view with an article on how peer-to-peer finance is becoming a multi-billion pound industry.

Partnering with Uber and Metro Bank

May’s partnership news was featured widely. Our partnership with Uber was covered in City AM and The Financial Times wrote about our the Metro Bank deal. Business Insider described the Metro Bank deal as two startups joining forces to destroy the banks.

A billion pounds lent and a new CEO

Zopa’s billion pound milestone made national news (read our round-up on our blog), including being featured on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme and Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up to Money. Zopa’s co-founder was profiled in the FT, and our research on the impact of pension reforms made the front page of the Daily Express.

The appointment of our new CEO was also widely covered, including in the Financial Times) and on the Telegraph online. In September the Telegraph reported again on Zopa’s growth.

The power of peer-to-peer

October saw our executive chairman, Giles Andrews, go on Bloomberg TV to talk about the peer-to-peer industry and again on the FT Adviser to talk about the disruptive power of the sector.

Zopa also appeared a number of times in the FT’s December special on the future of banking, with our Metro Bank partnership being listed as one of the ten key developments in digital finance for the year.

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