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New Year, new My Zopa for Lenders

You’ve probably noticed a couple of changes to your My Zopa screens lately. In the spirit of New Year transformations, we’ve given your Statements and Loan Book a makeover.

Our goal (in January and always) is to make it easier for customers to understand how their money is performing at Zopa, while still retaining the detail for those who want to dig a little deeper.

Why did we make these changes?

We’ve listened to your feedback. These recent updates are the result of research conducted both online and in person that many of you took part in (thanks, we appreciate it!). The top requests for change included a clearer articulation of the individual loan rates, dates that money is lent and repaid, late repayments and bad debt, and separating out closed loans.

We want to bring a new level of transparency to financial services. Our challenge is to balance this transparency with an interface that’s simple to use, which is why My Zopa now surfaces high-level information in a new way, as well as letting lenders access the detailed data behind it with a couple of clicks.

The quest to improve reporting for our lenders is ongoing, and we’re always keen to get your feedback about what matters most to you.

Here’s an overview of what’s new.

Monthly views and a tighter focus on Earnings in your Statements

Your new Statement has been given a closer focus on how your money has grown with Zopa over time, including what you’ve put in, what you’ve earned, and what you’ve taken out.

Click the drop-down menu to flick between months, or see your year to date, tax year to date, or 2015 annual statement. You can expand the ‘Earnings’ section to see the specifics about bonuses and fees (where applicable). You can also see the date and time of the latest transaction applied to your Zopa account.

Wondering what’s happened to the amount you’ve lent out and the amount that’s currently queued to lend? You’ll now find this information on your main dashboard, along with an all-time summary of your lending at Zopa.

Want to drill down into more detail?

The most popular information is summarised on your Dashboard and Statement screens.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth analysis, you can download the data as a CSV file, which you can open in Excel, from your Loan Book screen. You can choose to download data about your current loans only – or the whole caboodle of current loans and closed loans.

Specifics of individual loans now included in your Loan Book

Early last year we sent out a survey to all our Lenders, asking for your opinions about the Loan Book format. The overwhelming consensus among respondents was a desire for their Zopa activity to be as simple as possible to understand.

Our previous Loan Book included closed loans and didn’t reflect last year’s changes to our fees. The old structure provided flexibility to group and sort loans, but on the downside, some users told us that it was easy to draw the wrong conclusions from this information.

The new Loan Book format rolled out recently provides information about your loans at an individual level – specifying the rate, status and term for each loan.

A whole new Loan Book Overview

Following the rollout of the newly granular Loan Book, several of you got in touch to tell us you missed certain features of the old format. So we conducted a round of user testing to figure out how to bridge the gap.

As a result, we’ll be adding a colourful new Loan Book Overview screen with graphics to give you a snapshot with aggregated information about your investments, including details on recent loan performance for your safeguarded and non-safeguarded loans.

We’ve also provided a visualization of risk distribution and loan terms, and a chart to show the expected repayment schedule for your current Loan Book.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about what you like and don’t like. Just drop us a note on – we are committed to evolving your Zopa experience for the better.

My Zopa in a nutshell



  • Shows where your money is right now – what’s lent out and what’s queued to lend
  • This is where you can change your lending market and turn re-lending (recycling payments automatically) off or on



  • Shows how your Zopa investment has performed over time
  • This is where you can download your annual tax statement and view transactions in more detail


Loan Book

  • Shows granular detail about your individual loan contracts
  • This is where you can download the data in full if you’d like to analyse your Zopa lending activity further