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Recycling your money into Access and Plus

We are excited to let you know about a new feature which we have made available for our lenders. Ever since we launched our new products last month, our lenders have been providing us with lots of useful feedback. One of the most common requests has been for the ability to automatically recycle money from existing loan repayments into Access and Plus.

What does this mean for me?

When we launched our three new products: Zopa Access, Classic and Plus, existing lender repayments were set up to automatically recycle into Classic (provided you have re-lending turned on). We have now created the flexibility for you to be able to choose which product your repayment money gets recycled into. This means that when one of your existing borrowers makes a repayment you can choose whether the money gets lent out into Access, Classic or Plus.

Many of our lenders will be happy to continue to recycle their repayments in the same product. In this case you don’t need to do anything. However, other lenders can use this additional flexibility to gradually move their existing pot of money at Zopa over to either Access or Plus.

How do I change my re-lending settings?

Firstly, log on to My Zopa

Then choose a new product which you would like to lend your repayments in:

On the lending summary select the option to Manage next to “Repayments from Classic are lent back into Classic”

Choose the destination for monthly repayments

A message will appear to confirm the new destination of your repayments

Return to lending summary and see the new destination for monthly repayments

Please Note: If you plan to recycle your repayments into Zopa Plus it is important to remember that there is a £1,000 investment limit in this product. If you select this option then your repayments will move over to Zopa Plus but they will not be lent out until you reach £1,000. This is to ensure that your money is diversified across at least 100 borrowers.

If you have any feedback please contact our product team on or if you have specific questions about how this new functionality works please contact our Customer Services team on 020 7291 8331 or visit our FAQs page.