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Data Security and the Weekly Update

You trust us with your money, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. As a result, we’re making some changes to the information you receive in your Weekly Update. Currently, you can opt in to have your weekly statement displayed in this email; as part of ongoing efforts to keep your information safe, we will be removing this feature as of next week.

Keeping your information safe is a critical priority for Zopa. So, along with many of our peers, we’re tightening security around our email communications. In future, instead of seeing your lending performance in this email, we’ll share a link to your weekly summary via My Zopa (you’ll have to log in). Yes, it’s a couple more clicks than is ideal, but we hope it’s a small trade-off for keeping your information safe.

We’ll continue to keep you informed via the Weekly Update, giving you more transparency in how Zopa is performing. You’ll gain more insight into (by product for last 28 days):

  • Average queue lengths
  • Average yield achieved
  • Total amount lent by Zopa


As always, you can check your money’s performance on your My Zopa page, or you can contact Customer Services if you have specific questions you’d like answered.

Happy lending!

The Zopa Team