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From bumper plates to knurling – 7 key terms you need to know about weightlifting

It seems that fitness can be as bad as finance when it comes to baffling terms that are only understood by a few.

We turn our jargon-busting powers to two of the more niche sports that will grace our screens in the next few weeks, starting with…


Here’s seven key things you need to know:

Snatch: The first type of competitive weightlift. The competitor lifts the barbell from ground to overhead in one mighty motion.

Clean and jerk: The second type of competitive weightlift. The barbell is lifted in two motions: floor to chest, then chest to overhead.

Power position: It all starts here, when the competitor’s knees shift forward in a double bend and the bar touches the thighs.

Pulling position: The position of the competitor’s feet when the motion of a snatch or clean hoists the barbell upwards.

Receiving position: The position of the competitor’s feet when they steady the barbell after a snatch or clean.

Bumper plates: The weight plates loaded onto a barbell, weighing 0.5 to 25kg. Usually made of rubber for dropability.

Knurling: The criss-cross grip texture on the metal bar of a barbell. Weirdly, it’s in different places for men and women.

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