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The most popular car name is…

In the last eleven years, over 95,000 cars have been bought with a Zopa loan. That’s not to mention almost 5,000 motor bikes and the 1700 caravans we’ve helped people to buy.

But where have these people actually been going? And what cars are have they brought? We asked some of our borrowers:

What’s in a name?

While two out of three of our survey group quite understandably told us they didn’t have a name for their wheels, a third of people did. And, even more astonishingly, around a fifth of those people call their car some variation of Betty – Bessey, Betsy, Bessy and, our personal favourite, Betty Onk. There was also a Bertie.

It seems this isn’t just Zopians, but a trend in the English speaking world.

Why? It’s not clear. Possibly something to do with Dr. Who or possibly to do with a film from the 1970s.

What’s she like?

Betty (or Bessey) is probably silver or grey and the most likely make is a Ford. After silver/ grey, black and red are the most popular colours. Green and orange came bottom of the colour list.

Where’ve they been?

We heard lots of lovely stories from people whose most memorable trips were taking their kids to school or to pick up their GCSE results. In fact, lots of people said ‘home’ when asked about their favourite.

That’s not to say that Zopa wheels haven’t travelled further. Lots of these cars have been all round the UK, from Cornwall to Great Yarmouth and up to the Scottish Highlands. They’ve also crossed the Channel for some continental adventures– the furthest we’ve heard about is Hungary!

What about you? What’s the furthest you’ve been in your Zopa car? We’d love to hear all about it – tweet us on @Zopa.

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