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6 of the best Zopian road trips

Over 95,000 cars have been brought with Zopa loans, and we’re sure they’ve seen some epic journeys.

Our latest competition asks Zopa car loan borrowers about the best trip they’ve been on in their Zopa car, and we’re giving away an iPad to the best one submitted.

You can enter by emailing with your best route, road trip essential and a picture that sums up the journey. (The deadline is 18th September 2016 and make sure you check out our Ts and Cs.

To get inspired, here are some of the best road trips that the people who work at Zopa have been on:

From Ballycastle to Bushmills, Northern Ireland

David, Quality Control Manager

“The best road trip was with my son and his cousin to Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It took twice as long to get there because along the coast road we had to keep stopping to admire the views from the massive cliffs, which dropped a dizzying 500 feet to the wide, deserted beaches.

“Eventually we got to Giant’s Causeway, an incredible natural occurrence of volcanic basalt rock that cooled millions of years ago to form perfect hexagonal shapes that cover a wide area and apparently stretch under the sea to Scotland. If you’ve got a list of places to see, put this at the top.”

From Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)

Tim, Senior Designer

“10 years ago my friends and I bought a car in Buenos Aires (Argentina) which we nick-named Ramiero, and drove around for six months. We had some amazing experiences, like waking up to the thunderous sounds of ice carving 100m away from us at Glacier Perito Moreno. We ended up in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), where we sold our car to some policemen.”

Beach-ward bound in Bulgaria

Gemma, Brand Manager

“This summer we went to a wedding in Bulgaria, and we took the opportunity to stay a bit longer and see some of the country. My boyfriend surprised me by booking a convertible for our hire car. I’m not usually that bothered about cars (as long as it gets you from A to B…), but driving to the beach with the roof down and the music blaring, shamelessly taking selfies and waving our hands in the air, made us feel that we were living the high life!”

Central European tour

Ben, Auto Specialist & Underwriter

“I spent months building my little race car to use on the Nurburgring (a racetrack in Germany) but about 20 miles into the trip the pesky thing died. We quickly nipped back home, swapped into a little Citroen C2, which I had bought for my dad to potter about in the week before, and headed for the track!

“First night was spent hacking around the race track and the little Citroen did very well considering. After a couple days we repacked and headed down to camp in the black forest (via the world’s biggest cuckoo clock!) and then moved on via Switzerland and Italy to get to Croatia. After a few nights we were off to Prague and finally back to Germany for an epic four-night festival. “The trusty little Citroen made it about 3,000 miles around Europe in two weeks after a good deal of abuse on the Nurburgring and it made for a fantastic holiday.”

Perth to Exmouth, Western Australia (and back again)

Kate, Receptionist

“1500 miles, 10 days, 1 campervan, 4 people. Fitting 4 people into a (smaller than you’re imagining) campervan with all their worldly possessions was tough; factor in the relentless heat and English-style sunburn and we’re talking even tougher.

“For those of you that have driven in Australia before, you know what it’s like. For those of you that haven’t, it’s huge. I’m talking colossal – I wildly underestimated the size of it. The roads are long and straight, and you can go for miles without seeing another soul until you catch up with a gigantic road train and muster up the courage to overtake it.

“Driving through the outback is both daunting and brilliant, be sure to keep an eagle-eye for kangaroos, wallabies and, well, eagles. Some of my favourite stops were Coral Bay (where you could snorkel amongst amazing sea life right off the beach) Kalbarri National Park (just to sit and take in the sheer vastness) Monkey Mia (because… dolphins) and Exmouth (for its front-cover-of-the-travel-guide worthy beaches). Overall Western Australia is highly underrated and most people opt for the popular East Coast, but for me this was 10 times better and a trip I’ll never forget.”