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Coming soon – improvements to funding new money at Zopa

We know our lending queues, especially in Classic, have been very long lately. This is down to a surge in new money into our lending products.

This week, we tested a plan to give more transparency into your new funds’ journey from deposit to matched. That journey is:

  • Arrives in the queue with other new funds for your chosen product(s): no new funds are prioritised over any others (though repayments jump ahead to give current lenders the benefit of compound interest).
  • When it reaches the front of the queue, it makes it way to the matching stage.
  • Here it’s broken down into chunks and matches to borrowers in the risk markets associated with your chosen product(s). A number of factors are taken into account to ensure these matches are right for you, including your target headline rate.


We want to make this a lot more open. Here’s what we’re testing:

Better visibility through a New Money Tracker

When you log into My Zopa after making a deposit, you’ll be able to track your funds as they move to the matching stage. You’ll also see current lending times per product.

Better communication

We’re also looking into an improved communications plan. So even if you don’t log into My Zopa that often, you still be contacted when significant events happen (your funds arrive, your funds have all been lent out, for example): again, giving you more insight into your investment’s progress.

Future plans

After this week’s testing, we’re making some tweaks and getting ready to roll these new features out to you. But we’re not stopping here – we know this is an area which needs a lot of our attention. We’ll keep you posted on future developments around queue management. In the meantime, for any questions about your queued money, you can contact Customer Services on

Our lending speeds and disbursal times are always subject to supply and demand, so you shouldn’t consider any estimations a guarantee. Our matching process always tries to distribute your new money with the right borrowers: ensuring you get a portfolio that matches your rate expectations. This sometimes takes longer than we would like, but only matching to borrowers who fit our high criteria is our main priority.

Natasha Wear is Product Manager, Lending at Zopa