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Zopa and Airbnb team up to unlock the rental potential of UK homes

We’re excited to announce Zopa’s latest partnership!

We’ve teamed up with Airbnb to help our customers make the most of their homes and help pay back their loan.

How it works

Zopa borrowers simply sign up to become an Airbnb host through a link on their Zopa dashboard and then, if they earn £500 from Airbnb within six months, they get £50 off their loan. If they earn £1,000 from Airbnb rentals, they get £100 off. Find out more details.

Combining the benefits of Zopa and Airbnb

Zopa has already helped over 54,000 people finance their home improvements, and this new promotion encourages borrowers to take the next step by unlocking their rental potential through Airbnb.

The partnership lets customers combine the benefits of a Zopa loan with the income-earning potential of Airbnb. Zopa loans have no early repayment fees, a short online application form and customers can get a personalised quote without affecting their credit score.

Earning on Airbnb

There are now thousands of Airbnb hosts living in the UK, who on average earn £2,000 per year by sharing their home for just 46 nights. From April 2017, they will also be able to take advantage of a new tax break on the first £1,000 they earn through the service.

James McClure, General Manager Northern Europe, Airbnb, told us more about how home improvements can help hosts earn more on Airbnb: “Airbnb helps everyday people across the globe earn a little extra income – money that can help pay their bills or improve their general standard of living.

“Home improvement is something that many of our hosts prioritise because of the healthy cash-cycle that it encourages. Well designed, comfortable listings are more likely to get good reviews and if a room looks good on its listing page, it’s more likely to stand-out next to its competitors. This all leads to a steady flow of guest enquiries, bookings and in turn more income for more improvements, which can trigger the cycle all over again.”

Find out more about Airbnb and Zopa or Partnerships at Zopa.

Jack Percival is Zopa’s Partnerships Lead.