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Zopathon 2016 – What happened on the night

Zopa’s second ever hackathon was in full swing last weekend, providing a mix of operations, product people and developers with the best possible environment to identify an existing problem, come up with a solution and produce a working prototype, all in the space of 24 hours!

Come 5pm on Friday, when most might be dreaming about a relaxing weekend, our group of 70 enthusiasts met in Zopa HQ for a rundown on how they would produce a working, innovative ‘hack’ in such a short space of time.

After an introduction to Zopa, for the benefit of the non-Zopians that had travelled across the country to take part, the brief was given – empower people by giving them more control over their finances.

Now our hackers had their task, they just needed some inspiration. In came representatives from Yodlee, Stripe, Monzo and some of our very own Zopians to demonstrate their APIs (Application Program Interface) and provide our hackers with additional sources of financial data and payment solutions. With such a wealth of resources, our teams were well equipped to come up with a unique idea which would ‘make interest rates more interesting’.

The teams were marked on their prototypes’ innovation, customer impact, team work and presentation, with this year’s winner being team ‘FinYang’, with their ideas for assisting couples tackle those awkward discussions about money.

Zopa currently works with our partners, and other like-minded businesses, to help them provide excellent service to our customers. However, collaborating with them in a hackathon environment produced ideas and working demos for the many opportunities that we still have to explore; allowing us to continue in our mission to make money simple and fair.

Zopa will be running another Zopathon next year, so look out for further details.