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Zopa hosts Women Who Code event

One of the best ways to realise what you don’t know about code is to try to teach it to someone else.

Why can’t you wrap the entire body element of an html page in a span tag?

Why is the ssl connection with git not working?

What really is the point of a test?

It’s one reason why it’s fun to coach code. Seven Zopians turned out to coach the monthly Women Who Code Ruby Workshop when Zopa hosted the January edition of the meetup.

Students ranged from total beginners in code to accomplished Java programmers wanting to learn a different language. Organiser Claire T provided a structured exercise, the coaches pair with one or two learners and just work through the exercises piece by piece.

Coaches from outside Zopa came along too.

Both coaches and students had a great time and comments after the event were very positive:

“Wow I have learned so much!!! What an amazing venue and workshop! Massive thanks to you Claire for organising and coaches for teaching!”- Linh Nguyen M.

“Thank you for the terrific workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Angela

“Thanks very much Claire, to you and the coaches! It was a really good evening!” – Sumitra

Check out more events on the Women Who Code Meetup group.

If you’re interested in joining us or would just like to chat about the things we’re talking at, drop us a line on