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10 Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Help You Stay on Budget

Kitchen renovation ideas: tile stickers

Kimberly Duran, award-winning interior design blogger at Swoon Worthy, shares her tips for keeping your kitchen renovation on budget.

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a refresh or planning a major renovation, you’re probably concerned about escalating costs. Here are 10 clever kitchen renovation ideas to keep you on trend and on budget:

1 – Tile Stickers

If your backsplash is in good shape but you aren’t impressed with the colour or style, consider using tile stickers to cover them. These are perfect for those who just want to add a splash of colour or pattern. You’ll find a huge selection on Etsy.

2 – Paint Your Tiles

You can also consider painting tiles with specialist paint to give outdated tiles a new lease on life. This simple update could be completed in a single weekend for an instant style fix.

3 – Swap out the handles

If your cupboard doors are still in good shape, consider just swapping out the handles to give them a quick and easy update.

4 – Paint Your Cupboard doors

In our own kitchen remodel, we saved money by keeping the existing cupboard doors and repainted them in black satin paint. Ensure you use the right primer for the most professional finish!

5 – Use Open Shelving

We also saved money by incorporating open shelving on one full wall of our kitchen. While this look may not be for everyone, it is cheaper than using standard cabinets and you can create a lovely display with all your favourite dishes and glasses.

6 – Utilise the Existing Carcasses

For larger projects, you may want to consider reusing your existing cupboard carcasses. Simply replace your cabinet doors for an instant refresh at a lower cost.

7 – Keep the Existing Layout

Relocating things like gas pipes, water or electric can be a costly job. If you are able to keep appliances in their original location, this can keep your costs down and save time too.

8 – Do the prep yourself

Ripping out the entire kitchen and starting from scratch? Save money on the build by removing the old kitchen yourself. Tiles can be removed, flooring pulled up and kitchen cabinets dismantled without fancy tools. Just remember to wear protective clothing!

9 – DIY what you feel confident you can do

And finally, if you are a dab hand at DIY, consider taking on those jobs you feel most comfortable with. We saved a lot of money by laying our own underfloor heating and flooring, plastering, installing worktops ourselves. You can also take classes locally to learn how to do most jobs yourself, cutting out tradesman and costs at the same time.

10 – Do your planning

Taking on a kitchen remodel? Check out Zopa’s  handy guide for how to plan the costs of your kitchen remodel.

Image: Etsy