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Update on loan sale pricing

One of the ways investors can access their money early is by selling active loans to other investors on the secondary market. When investors sell their loans we work out their value, and compare them to new loans.  If the loans being sold are worth less than new loans, the seller compensates the buyer for the difference, which is reflected in the loan’s price. This happens as part of the loan sale process, which we manage for you.

Recently, we made some changes to how we work out the value of these loans for more accurate pricing.

Due to a technical issue, some investors may have paid too much when buying or selling loans. This made it seem as though a small amount of money had disappeared from their account; however, no money has been lost.

We have now fixed this issue, and will be refunding impacted investors the difference between the amount paid and the true value of the loans bought. If you were affected by this, we will send you an email next week letting you know your money is on its way and confirming the exact amount of the refund.

At Zopa, we take the pennies as seriously as the pounds and we’re sorry for any worry or inconvenience this issue may have caused. If you have any questions, please contact our Investor Services team.