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A look back at Zopathon 2017

Zopa employees at the Zopathon

Last week Zopians assembled for the third annual Zopathon.

The Zopathon is a chance for teams from across Zopa to take a brief step away from their day jobs to brainstorm new ways we can help our customers. They then have the small task of building a prototype from scratch and presenting it to a panel of judges – all in the space of 24 hours!

The challenge:

How can we help our customers get the most from their finances by using the latest tech?

The teams were briefed in our riverfront HQ on Thursday afternoon, and then, armed with financial reports, case-studies, insights and open-banking APIs, they made the short walk to a nearby venue, primed for maximum creativity and collaboration.

The Zopathon venue

The teams explored lots of different ways we could help out our customers. They ranged from new product features and rewards systems that promote positive financial behaviour, to voice-triggered finance management technology.

Once they’d nailed down their idea, it was into the details. The teams spent the next 24 hours establishing their business case, building prototypes and getting ready to prove to the judges just how much benefit their idea would bring to a customer.

The Zopathon judges speak to a team

Presenting the ideas

A day later, it was time for the teams to present to the judges and the rest of Zopa, who were eager to hear what their fellow Zopians had been working on.

The ideas were marked on the potential impact they could have on our customers, the confidence the judges had in the success of these ideas and how effectively they could be implemented. Here’s the winning team, who presented a prototype of an AI-powered chatbot:

The winning Zopathon team

At Zopa, we’re constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our customers’ lives. If you are interested in joining our mission to make money simple and fair, see what roles we currently have on offer.