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Zopa loans to take the sting out of commuting

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Anyone who commutes regularly by train knows how expensive it is. A way around this is to get an annual travelcard: but that means a hefty upfront fee. Previously, this left commuters with two unpalatable choices: fork out thousands of pounds in one go, or end up paying over the odds throughout the year on pay as you go travel.

Enter: CommuterClub, our latest partner

Backed by Andy Murray, CommuterClub was founded to make life easier for commuters. They provide loans for annual season tickets: making it easy for people to get their tickets online, and spread the cost over monthly installments. This saves them hundreds of pounds per year, and takes out a big chunk of hassle. They’ve currently made things easier and fairer for more than 10,000 commuters.

And, from today, these annual tickets will be funded by Zopa loans. We’re really excited to be partnering with a company that shares our values. CommuterClub saw an opportunity to help commuters spend less on travel – and more on the stuff that really matters.

And, for you, they provide a pool of low-risk borrowers to lend your money to.

What makes these loans different from regular Zopa loans?

There are a few differences between CommuterClub loans and our regular unsecured loans:

  • CommuterClub loans run for 10 months, two less than our current shortest-term loan.
  • Because the loans are designed to help commuters save money, implying a fairly high level of disposable income to begin with, losses tend to be very low.
  • If a borrower does fall into difficulty repaying, the ticket can be cancelled and refunded, covering the amount left on the loan.


Due to their low-risk nature, CommuterClub loans will be classified as A*, and included in both Core and Plus.

What does this mean for Zopa?

As we grow, it’s important that we find and build relationships with like-minded organisations to help further develop our business. Our partnership with CommuterClub is just the latest example of how we’re helping people get better value financial products and enjoy a stress-free experience.