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We lift the lid on the quirks commonly shared by British investors

We recently commissioned a study that revealed a number of interesting traits shared amongst British investors and their rituals.

Investors tend go against the grain with their likes and dislikes

While we all have our own individual rituals, we discovered that investors were more likely to own a blue car over any other colour (the national average being black), one in four shunned going to the cinema and more than a third tune in to Radio 2.

Additionally, almost half said they strongly disliked Marmite, compared to the national average of only a third of Brits disliking the spread.

The wonderful world of an investor

As well as keeping an eye on their investments, those polled also revealed that they like to collect wonderfully unusual objects, here’s the top 8!

A belief in rituals and superstition also ranked highly on the quirks shared by investors, and the results threw up several interesting individual traits amongst those asked, including;

  • Not touching 1p coins
  • Never doing laundry on New Year’s Day, to avoid washing away the year’s good luck
  • Making sure notes all face the same way in a wallet, with £5 always at front
  • Saying St Anthony three times to help find something you’ve lost
  • Using odd numbers

The science behind the findings

We asked Dr. Becky Spelman, Cognitive Behavioural, Psychodynamic & EMDR Practitioner her thoughts on the results of our survey and if there really could be a link between these quirks and being a successful investor. She told us:

“Investors are people who are good at dealing with both the daily routine and the unexpected. They are adventurous, but also sensible. They often engage in a range of practices that make it easier to manage these contrasts on an emotional level. Engaging in these rituals can help maintain a sense of calm when thinking about the future, so they have a positive and useful effect.”

While we obviously can’t promise any of these will guarantee investment success, you can always trust us to keep things as simple and transparent as possible whilst offering you some of the best rates available for your chosen investment. We offer a variety of peer-to-peer investment opportunities, including our tax-free Innovative Finance ISA.

Remember, with peer-to-peer investments your capital is at risk, and your investment may go down as well as up.