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Why we’ve signed the Women in Finance Charter

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Zopian culture and we believe that it helps us generate different and interesting ideas. Diversity helps us to look at the world from different perspectives, to better understand and represent our customers. It also helps to create a place where people love the work they do and where everyone can achieve their potential.

That’s why we’ve signed the Women in Finance Charter, to support the progression of women into senior roles at Zopa.

So far, 38% of our senior roles are carried out by women. We have set ourselves the goal of increasing that by 5 percentage points by December 2021.

We’re proud to announce this commitment, and we’ll update you with our progress soon.

But what is the experience of working at Zopa actually like?

We asked a few of our female leaders and our CEO what gender diversity means to them:

Caroline Mills, Operations Director

“We have a number of hugely talented women working across a diverse range of skills and disciplines at Zopa. Personally, I’ve had four different roles during my eight years at Zopa, each one with increasingly more responsibility. There’s never been a glass ceiling, and that’s why we’ve been able to retain such great talent. For working mothers like myself or women planning on having children, a lack of flexible work arrangements in other jobs has been a big deterrent. At Zopa, I have had flexibility and support which has enabled me to succeed at work whilst raising my family.”

Binh Chu, Head of Credit Cards

“Gender diversity – and diversity in general – is essential in providing a forum for better decision making and an open and collaborative culture. I work on a team which is designing and developing a new credit card product – a product for which many of our customers will be women. Having a mix of perspectives on the team really helps us to represent the customer in our product decisions and also makes our working discussions more interesting. When everyone thinks the same and sees the world in the same way, there is no challenge.”

Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer

“I joined Zopa around 9 months ago having never worked in Financial Services. I had heard a lot about the gender imbalances that exist across areas of the industry but my experience of Zopa was very positive on this front from the outset. Zopa has a lot of talented women at all levels of the organisation and I have seen a deep commitment to creating an environment of equality. It is extremely important in my opinion to have women in leadership roles in order to make senior roles and career paths feel accessible for a wider number of people.”

Jaidev Janardana, CEO

“I am passionate about finding outstanding people to join Zopa and about helping them to progress their career with us.  It is therefore really important to me that we create an environment where diversity is a positive and where everyone is treated fairly. I am proud that as a business we have women at leadership team level as well as running functions and leading product teams. I look forward to seeing Zopa make even more diversity headway as we go forward.”