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Taking control of your career: investing time in you

Underwriter turned engineer, Demi, talks about his career change and the role Zopa played in helping to make it happen.

I moved to a new role recently and it’s very different. The underwriting role had a very linear approach where the key duty was to work through a pipeline of applications and manage all the variables which involve successfully underwriting an application.

The Junior QA role is different in the sense that it’s more project based – this means each day is different, which means you need to adapt fast and communicate efficiently. The daily duty is to work with the developers by testing code and ensuring it works.

I decided to invest time in myself by building new skills. I reached out to different colleagues at Zopa who were more than happy to share their knowledge and time. We have a culture that encourages learning, and I spent many evenings (and some weekends) with my colleague Tom, learning as much as I could. I also used the resources (Lynda, Pluralsight, Codeacademy, Codeschool) available to self-learn. I am nowhere near the finished product but remaining consistent has definitely helped on this journey.

I’d like to thank Zopians Tom Groombridge and Regis Duhirwe for sharing their ninja-like coding skills, Zahra Hassan for teaching me automation and QAing, as well as Sharon Kelby who organised time for me to learn within working hours.

I’m loving the new role and challenges it provides.

What I would say to someone who’s looking to switch career, is that you don’t necessarily need to have a tangible endpoint. Invest in yourself. Take accountability for your own learning, work hard, be consistent with it, and get to know your peers – there’s knowledge all around you.

Demi recently moved from Fraud Underwriter to Junior Quality Assurance Engineer