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A Day In The Life Of A Zopa QA Engineer in Barcelona

It’s Monday morning and my train pulls in to Barcelona Sants. I zip across the street to start work at my favourite home from home – the Zopa office.

A quick game of ping-pong, a hearty team breakfast and catching up on everyone’s weekend adventures is a great start to the day. With only 25 people in the office, the vibe is the same as a start-up.

We’ve been working hard together building the tech stack for our brand new bank. It’s been challenging but equally rewarding and I’ve learnt so much from my contribution.

I settle in at my desk with a hot coffee and Slack pings with the latest news from London: we’ve been awarded our banking licence! We all cheer, pause, then exchange serious faces. Now the hard work really begins.

One of my favourite things about working at Zopa is the innovative tech we use. There’s Java 8, Kotlin, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Cucumber, Jenkins, Jira, GitHub and Slack. And probably plenty more since I wrote this blog!

I look at my planned work for the day, pop my headphones on, and get stuck in.

Flow achieved. Software successfully QA’d and returned to the team lead for sign off.

Now it’s time for the Skype daily stand up with London, where we discuss what we did the day before, any blockers we have and our plans for the day.

I share my feedback and almost gasp as fluent English comes streaming out of my mouth. When did I get so good?  There are 11 different nationalities in our office, so we use English as our common language. Speaking it every day in the office has really made a huge difference for me.

I’m excited to visit the London office next week. I go every month and each time I discover a new favourite place to hang out, eat, drink and soak up the culture.

Last job of the day is a final round interview with a potential new recruit. They’ve been through a few stages in the process already, so if they’re a good cultural fit, I’ll give them the thumbs up.

And then the highlight of my day: I pick up my one year old from nursery and take him to the beach to watch the waves and bask in the remaining heat of the day.

Sound good? Thought so.

We’re growing the Barcelona team to help build our bank. See if there’s something you-shaped on our careers page.