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Are you living the (Feel)Good life? Find out in our latest quiz

Take the Zopa IFISA risk hometown quiz below

Some people like to live life right on the edge, while others prefer to be a bit more cautious. At Zopa, we love the place slap-bang in the middle. Finding that perfect balance between risky and safe just feels right to us.

Everyday decisions that come with some risk are part of daily life, such as when to cross the road or eating food after it’s best by date. When it comes to finances, it was found that individuals with a greater risk appetite are more likely to pursue high risk investment opportunities – such as investing in crypto currency – but may also find themselves unable to pay off their credit cards or have issues managing their money each month.

For our latest research, we wanted to find the town in the UK where people live in the middle, getting that healthy balance of risk and safety that we can’t get enough of.

We worked with a behavioural scientist from Warwick Business School to create an original ‘Risk & Safety’ Index, which was used to rate the towns and cities across the UK on a number of different data points that correlate to how much risk their inhabitants are willing to take. The most middle town came out as Watford, Hertfordshire 👌

Want to find out where you’d be based on your levels of risk and playing it safe? Take our latest quiz below.

Our Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is nestled in the middle between low risk, low yielding cash ISAs and volatile, high return stocks and shares ISAs. Our IFISA has a target return of 4.5% in ISA-Core, and 5.2% in ISA-Plus, and you can transfer in from an existing ISA without impacting this year’s allowance. Meaning you get the returns you expect for a risk you’re comfortable to take.

Open a Zopa IFISA today and see how rewarding the middle could be – read more about the Zopa IFISA here.

Your capital is at risk.