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For Love & Money – Brits reveal their sharing limits

With 37 million people watching Love Island where islanders share a villa, a bed, food and even their dates, we’ve revealed the true nature of Brits sharing habits.

Our latest research suggests that Brits are happy to both open their hearts and their financials to their most trusted loved ones, with nearly half saying that they’d be more likely to share information about what’s in their bank account with their partner than they are their most intimate secret (47% compared to 27% respectively).

In fact, adults are more open to sharing money worries and details of their bank balance with a spouse than they are to share their Netflix password, with 47% of us opening our wallets compared to the 45% who are willing to share their Netflix login.

The survey of 2,000 adults revealed that our monetary openness does not stop with our partners – 43% of daters believe in dividing the cost of a date.  Interestingly, men are far less likely to believe in splitting the bill, with 51% of men stating this compared to 35% of women comparatively. This is further backed up by 39% of males stating that it’s more traditional for one person to pay.

Debates over the bill aside though – food unites us all as the most likely item to be shared, with 63% sharing their meal with their other half, 46% with friends, 56% with family and 21% with our work colleagues!

Thankfully, the same attitude doesn’t apply to our personal items, as 49% of UK adults asked would not share a towel, 68% would not share socks and 78% would not share a toothbrush with their partner.

Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer at Zopa, said: “A little openness can go a long way, and it’s encouraging to see that Brits are willing to have financial discussions with their other half. Zopa is all about sharing as we match people looking to invest money with people who are looking to borrow.  This way everyone gets a better deal”.