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How to have a summer FeelGood afternoon in London for free!

As part of Zopa’s mission to help the nation feel good about their finances, we commissioned the Ice Cream Index to identify the top 100 summer items that bring us the most happiness per pound. And for some inspiration for how to turn the Ice Cream Index into FeelGood summer days that don’t break the bank, we teamed up with some of our social media favourites to see what they did.

We challenged Tun, a London-based photographer, to enjoy a FeelGood day for free. His travel photography takes him to some of the most beautiful places in the world, but for his FeelGood day out he stayed a little closer to home and spent precisely £0. 

Here’s what he did:

According to our research, art was one of the top 100 things that would make you FeelGood this summer.  Tun lives in London, so he took a trip to the Victoria and Albert museum, which is home to some of the most beautiful pieces of art, furniture and design from around the world.  

The stairwell at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are red walls hung with pictures. A statue of an angel blowing a trumpet is silhouetted against the window.
FeelGood art and interiors at the V&A

He wandered around the galleries, soaking up the culture and taking pictures to share on his Instagram account.  As Tun says, “Feeling good isn’t always about fulfilling our quests for material things, it can also be something as simple and affordable as being inspired by having a day out in a museum or an art gallery” 

FeelGood total: £0  

To see Tun’s FeelGood day have a look at his Instagram.

Looking for more London summer FeelGood inspiration? 

While Tun’s FeelGood day clocked in at £0, we also sent some vloggers on Ice Cream Index-inspired days that cost a little more:

Get inspired by book lover’s Lauren’s FeelGood literary afternoon in sunny Greenwich for just £5.

Activist Venetia spent less than £30 on a day of yoga, thrift shopping and vegan food. Read about her day here

Has Tun’s FeelGood afternoon inspired you to look more closely at something on your doorstep? 

If you head out on your own summer FeelGood day, we’d love to know what you get up to. Tag please let us know, we’d love to see what you get up to! Tag us on Instagram (@zopamoney) or Twitter (@Zopa) and use #FeelGoodMoney so we can see!

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