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How to have a summer FeelGood afternoon in London for under £5

Lauren lies on her front on the grass reading a book. The sky is blue and in the distance you can see white buildings.

As part of Zopa’s mission to help the nation feel good about their finances, we commissioned the Ice Cream Index to identify the top 100 summer items that bring us the most happiness per pound. And for some inspiration for how to turn the Ice Cream Index into FeelGood summer days that don’t break the bank, we teamed up with some of our social media favourites to see what they did.

Summer reads were high up on the Ice Cream Index, so we asked book-lover Lauren Wade to show us how to have a FeelGood literary afternoon for just £5.

Here’s what she did:

Fiver in hand, Lauren headed out to Greenwich in south-east London. It’s bursting with history, parks, pubs and, importantly for Lauren, an Oxfam bookshop.  

While summer reads came high on the Ice Cream Index, giving money to charity came even higher. So Lauren was able to do a FeelGood double by browsing the Oxfam bookshelves. She picked up a copy of Coim Toibin’s Brooklyn, something she’d been meaning to read for a while. 

Book bought: £2.99 

The market and shops in Greenwich offered all sorts of sweet temptations for Lauren, but she resisted them all in favour of a quick trip to a corner shop for a Magnum. Sometimes you can’t beat a classic! 

Ice cream: £1.99 

With the vital ingredients to a FeelGood afternoon in hand, Lauren just needed to find somewhere to enjoy them. So she headed into Greenwich Park and found a secluded spot with great views across the capital to enjoy her book in the summer sun. 

FeelGood total: £4.98 

Are you looking for some more inspiration for FeelGood London days out that don’t break the bank? 

We also sent sustainability activist Venetia Falconer on a full day of activities for less than £30 and photographer Tun on an afternoon out that cost nothing at all

If you head out on your own summer FeelGood day, we’d love to know what you get up to.

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To see Lauren’s afternoon, check out her YouTube video here

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